White Collar Crime ("WCC") debuted in November 9, 1989, the same day the Berlin Wall fell. It is unclear what the connection is but we're sure there is one.

Seriously, we are a New York City based band that draws on the city and its ever-present energy in the creative process and lyrical imagery. This was true well before the attacks in September and are only more striking and poignant in light of them.

WCC, in its current lineup, has been playing together for quite some time. The band is made up of some exceptional players with extensive touring, studio and writing credits. Our music has been or is currently in use on Lifetime TV (the Friday night 2 hour show "The Place"), Fox Cable News and in the top 30 on several college radio stations having been in the top 30 locally on Pace University's radio station.

It all started as an outlet for a bunch of lawyers working at large New York law firms. These days, we've gone to a more fundamental rock sound with now 5 instead of the long-standing 7-piece composition. We're still known around the clubs as "the lawyer band" and get the usual comments of "you don't look or sound like lawyers." We take it as a compliment considering the usual free associations with lawyers :)

Now we get to the "it sounds like,.." stuff. So far, the music has been compared in reviews to:
- Uncle Tupelo and its alumni bands - Wilco and Sun Volt or the Counting Crows;
- a mix between that, Springsteen and/or Dire Straits, etc. or
- Lou Reed and J.J. Cale hang out with Knopfler and Springsteen.

The comparisons go on and we like all of those artists and are flattered by any comparison to them. However, we also feel that, while the music is evocative of these artist, the music goes a little further down the same music and story road. There are a few songs from various points in the life of WCC on the downloads page to check out. If You Call, The Work Release Program, and Behind Bars are available for purchase and I am sure that if you contact us through the site, some live stuff from the recent shows can be sent your way as well.

Give a listen, drop us some e-mail--in the words of our illustrious drummer--we'll talk, we'll do, we'll be.